Video delle best case europee GBE Factory

Nell’ambito del progetto europeo GBE Factory che vede coinvolto ForGreen in qualità di partner tecnico, abbiamo realizzato dei video che documentano delle best case sviluppate in europa. Canale YouTube del GBE Factory:


Organic waste recycling and energy recovery in Italy

GBE Factory model for energy recovery application in a waste treatment factory. Alongside two plants for the anaerobic fermentation of organic waste from kitchens and canteens, Fertitalia Srl has implemented an aerobic plant for the production of biogas which can be reused in cogeneration of electricity production from renewable sources. More information about the project on


Production of biogas through anaerobic fermentation in Bulgaria

The company Perpetuum Mobile BG Jsc as part of Albena Group has always been interested in modern technologies that preserve the ecological balance. At biogas plant in Momchil the substrate in the type of silage maize degrades through anaerobic process. The biogas produced by this process is transported through pipelines to the co-generator for electricity generation. Additionaly the generated thermal energy is used for heating of administrative building. After the substrate be extracted all of useful substances for the processes, the residual mass is liquid fertilizer used to fertilize the fields. The production process does not pollute the environment and is not hazardous to operational staff. More information about the project on


Green Incineration plant in Kosice, Eastern Slovakia 2014

The company Kosit a.s. invested in modernization of the urban waste incineration plant in order to obtain safe and economical way of energy recovery from civil and industrial wastes. KOSIT a.s. applied high technology solutions to achieve greater energy recovery facility which converts non-recyclable waste materials into electricity and heat, reduces carbon emissions by offsetting the need for energy from fossil sources and reduces methane generation from landfills as well. More information about the project on