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ForGreen is a company that offers sustainability programs to Italian companies. The sustainability programs start from the supply of clean and renewable energy and can envisage as optional products the reduction of the client’s carbon footprint and the realization of green marketing projects to support the client’s brand in the positioning on new markets.

ForGreen offers to companies the supply of 100% renewable and sustainable electricity, with the Guarantees of Origin and the EKOenergy label which are nationally and internationally valid certifications.

ForGreen also proposes a competitive offer to companies that not only consume energy, but also produce it with solar plants. The offer consists in purchasing the energy they produce and applying a discount on the energy these companies consume (F1 Free option).

ForGreen’s services and energy supply are ideal for those companies who want to transform sustainability into a concrete project, reduce the environmental impact of their activities and improve the Life Cycle Assessment of their products.

What we offer

  • Supply of sustainable and 100% renewable electricity
  • Green marketing services to help the client in creating a communication plan and a new positioning on the market
  • Clean energy certifications valid internationally
  • Marketing and environmental consulting
  • Purchase of energy produced by solar plants

The benefits of choosing ForGreen:

Sustainable energySustainable energy

Becoming aware of its own trends of consumption and learning how to save energy are the first actions to save money. ForGreen offers an analysis of the client’s profile of consumption to identify with clients the best economic solution of energy supply.

Sustainable environmentSustainable environment

ForGreen supplies exclusively clean energy certified with the Guarantees of Origins and the international ecolabel for sustainable electricity EKOenergy. Moreover, all the energy supplied to companies is purchased by ForGreen from Italian producers. It is possibile to identify them on our traceability map.

Sustainable economySustainable economy

ForGreen offers green marketing services which are included in the price of energy supply. This service is offered to help companies in improving their brand positioning on the market and to take advantage from their ethical choice of consuming clean and sustainable energy. 

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Our energy is traceable and sustainable

Energy with “BeForGreen Be Sustainable” and EKOenergy certifications

ForGreen has a certified supply chain which supports local energy producers: the company purchases their renewable energy and sells it directly to final consumers. This process entails an advantage for consumers, who knows where the renewable energy comes from. ForGreen develops solutions based on certified and traceable renewable energy for Italian companies.

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