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No more gap between energy producers and consumers with the energy cooperative

ForGreen has developed energy cooperatives which enable citizens to produce clean energy for their domestic needs thanks to shared power plants. Since 2011 ForGreen has been able to gather more than 500 associates which produce energy with 4 power plants (3MW of PV energy and 112 kW of hydroelectric power). These people are part of the cooperative WeForGreen Sharing.

The possibility to join the cooperative is open to everyone who owns an electric meter in Italy.

The cooperative model was created by imitating the energy communities widely present in Centre and Northern Europe. The idea behind the cooperative is to promote a new way of thinking the relationship between people and energy, to eliminate the distance between producers and consumers and give birth to the figure of sustainable prosumer. ForGreen believes that this figure is fundamental for a democratic access to energy and transition toward renewables sources.


The process to become member of the cooperative is simple: people becomes associates of WeForGreen Sharing by purchasing shares of power plants from renewable sources according to their energy needs. After this action, they are “soci autoproduttori” (self-producer associates). Thanks to an agreement with an energy operator, the energy produced by the plants is distributed to the associates’ houses at competitive prices. Moreover, every year the associates receive an economic return, which is generated by feed-in tariffs and by the production of energy. Thanks to this economic return, the associates can reintegrate their initial investment.

The benefits of joining the cooperative:

Sostenibilità energeticaSustainable energy

With the cooperative you have the possibility to become a clean energy producer thanks to shared plants. You can customize the amount of energy that you consume according to your domestic needs. Moreover, on the cooperative website you have the possibility to monitor in real time the energy production and the amount of CO2 emissions avoided.

Sostenibilità economicaSustainable economy  

if you join the cooperative as a “socio produttore” (self-producer associate) every year the cooperative gives you an economic return, which is generated by feed-in tariffs and by the production of energy. Thanks to this economic return, you can reintegrate their initial investment. Moreover, the cooperative is an energy producer, and can bargain with energy operators the best price of the supply of electricity for its associates.

Sostenibilità ambientaleSustainable environment

The cooperative is a solution for those people who wanted to install a PV solar plant on their roofs but they could not do it. Moreover, joining the cooperative WeForGreen Sharing means adopting a sustainable lifestyle for your house. The cooperative WeForGreen Sharing wants to make clean energy easily accessible to everyone, in respect of the planet.

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Traceable and sustainable energy

WeForGreen’s associates produce energy with 3 MWp of PV plants. This amount of energy is able to satisfy the energy needs of 1.600 families and is consumed by the cooperative’s “self-producer associates” and “consumer associates”: the latter is a category of people who join the cooperative just to have a clean and sustainable energy supply at home. Whatch in real time the production of energy!

La Fattoria del Sole di Ugento

(Real time production)

La Masseria del Sole

(Real time production)


(Real time production)

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