Projects and actions promoting sustainability

The world of renewable energy and sustainability is in constant change. This is why ForGreen is always updated about the latest trends and technologies that help the company in the development of new sustainable business models. Participation to international calls, creation of new projects, development of business networks and partnerships to share ideas and expertise are part of ForGreen’s approach to innovation. In this page you can find some of the projects ForGreen developed in the last years.

Energy labs and educational projects on sustainability

ForGreen organizes educational projects for schools on renewable energies and environmental sustainability. The aim of these projects is diffusing a sustainable culture and raising awareness in young generations about the latest energy technologies. ForGreen plans different projects according to the age of students.
For young children in primary schools ForGreen offers energy labs, interactive games to learn the different between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources; in addition, the company organizes guided tours to the PV plant “Energyland” in Orsara (VR) and to the mini hydropower plant “Lucense 1923” in Montorio (VR), where ForGreen is creating a new “Renewable Energy Museum”. These guided tours to the plants are offered also to secondary schools, where the visit is completed with a technical explanation made by one of ForGreen’s engineers. Moreover, every year the company organizes guided visits to the trigeneration power plant “Telezip” in Padova, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padova. University students can visit the plant and learn the technical principles of trigeneration with the help of an energy engineer.


Lucense 1923: new energy for the territory

Lucense 1923, a mini hydropower plant situated in Montorio (VR) has been inaugurated on September 24th 2016. After 30 years of inactivity, the plant started to produce again clean energy, thanks to the entrepreneurial participation of Finval (a local public company) that has revamped the old power station. Finval has collaborated with many local realities to realize the project, and ForGreen is among them. ForGreen has been the technical partner and has the task to realize a “Renewable Energy Museum” open to the public. Moreover, WeForGreen Sharing (which is the energy cooperative founded by ForGreen) allows citizens to invest in the energy production of Lucense 1923. This project represents an ambitious energy sharing example, because citizens can purchase shares of Lucense 1923, invest in the production of clean energy for the territory and become associates of the energy cooperative WeForGreen Sharing.

Global Compact

UN Global Compact: the sustainability program for companies of the United Nations

In September 2016 ForGreen joined the program for companies of the United Nations, the UN Global Compact. This is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, “a call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals”, as the UN website declares. By joining the UN Global Compact, ForGreen commits to support, communicate, diffuse and implement 10 sustainable principles in all its corporate strategies and activities. As a participant of the UN Global Compact, every year ForGreen must send to the UN Global Compact and to its stakeholders a Communication of Progress containing the achieved goals and actions promoting the 10 sustainable principles


Be ForGreen Be Sustainable

Be ForGreen Be Sustainable: a sustainable path for companies and people

On 25th January 2016 the new project Be ForGreen Be Sustainable came to light. The focus of the project is the possibility to guarantee and track the origin of renewable energy produced and sold by ForGreen. ForGreen’s energy offer is 100% renewable, sustainable and traceable: all the energy supplied to customers is produced by ForGreen plants or purchased by certified Italian energy producers, so that final consumers are aware of the origin of the energy they consume.

Logo Progetti - Be ForGreen Be Sustainable

WeForGreen Sharing

WeForGreen Sharing: the new energy cooperative to produce your own energy

After the success of the cooperatives Energia Verde WeForGreen and Energyland, ForGreen launches a new cooperative project called WeForGreen Sharing. The new project envisages to increase the number of renewable energy plants, allow more Italian families to access clean energy and become energetically independent thanks to energy production with shared plants.
The energy production of the first plant “La Fattoria del Sole” (The Sun Farm) started on 1st January 2016. Thanks to this plant situated in Ugento (Puglia) the associates can produce energy for their houses in a sustainable way.

WeForGreen Sharing

Cooperativa Energia Verde WeForGreen

Energy sharing for Italian families: the Cooperative Energia Verde WeForGreen

ForGreen’s mission is to diffuse renewable energy among citizens and raise awareness about sustainable behaviours. This is the reason why the company created new models of energy, economic and environmental sustainability such as the one represented by the Cooperative Energia Verde WeForGreen.
Families and citizens join the cooperative by purchasing shares of the cooperative’s solar plant (La Masseria del Sole). Thanks to this plant, the cooperative’s associates produce and consume clean energy proportionally to the purchased shares. This system allows a family to produce its own energy and reduce the cost of energy bills.

Cooperativa Energia Verde WeForGreen


ForGreen partner of WAME at Expo 2015: let’s bring access to electricity in the world!

WAME (World’s Access to Modern Energy) is an association born in occasion of Expo Milan 2015 with the aim of raising awareness about the problem of access to energy from which are excluded many parts of the world. ForGreen is a member of the association and promotes actions and projects to fill the “energy gap” affecting many developing countries. The company contributed to the WAME project presenting its experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where has realized a solar plant and an energy storage system on the roof the school Renzo Veronesi (read the report). Moreover, with the business network Energy&Life, ForGreen actively participated to Expo Milan 2015 organizing conferences and press releases in collaboration with WAME and the Sierra Leone’s pavilion, on the subject of renewable energy technologies which could help the African country’s agricultural development.



Consortium WeForGreen: the network for small and medium producers of renewable energy

ForGreen promotes the Consortium WeForGreen among clean energy producers, with the aim of joining forces and gaining positive economic advantages for its associates thanks to dedicated services for energy production and forecasting analysis. ForGreen proposes purchasing offers and energy services to energy producers in an independent way from GSE, and trades this energy directly to final consumers.

Consorzio WeForGreen


Telezip: from smart city to trigeneration plant

ForGreen, in collaboration with its business network Energy&Life (composed by ForGreen, ICI Caldaie, Linz Electric and Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto), developed the Telezip project, a cooling and heating district in Padova. The district has been realized on the basis of a smart city project presented at Expo Shanghai 2010. The trigeneration plant offers energy services to the surrounding industrial area with a special attention to energy saving (general energy saving of 40% on heating and cooling services).

Logo Progetti - TeleZIP

Verona per Expo

Project “Verona per Expo”

ForGreen is among the founders of the project “Verona per Expo”, th temporary association created to promote Verona, its cultural and natural heritage and economic activities during the months of Expo Milan 2015. The Association is an institutional subject which coordinates projects to promote the Verona area from May to October 2015. After the end of Expo Milan 2015, the Association will be transformed into a network of economic and cultural subjects working to promote Verona and its beauty in the world.

Verona Expo


Green Blue Energy (GBE) Factory

GBE Factory is a project financed by the European Union to promote the use of renewable energy in the industrial and commercial sectors, with the aim of raising awareness about the environmental impact of businesses. Promoted in Italy by Unioncamere del Veneto and by Forgreen Spa in the role of technical partner, the project is co-financed by the European program “Intelligent Energy for Europe” and engages 5 European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Slovakia).



Energy&Life, the first business network in Italy for sustainable energy

The business network Energy&Life, composed by ForGreen Spa, Linz Electric, ICI Caldaie e la Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto, promotes initiatives to foster sustainability and energy efficiency among companies, supporting the development of renewable energy and energy saving technologies.